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Edusoft Computer Systems has been involved in CAD/CAM system development for over 20 years, with vast experience in software development, support and communications, and offers Windows 95/8/Me and NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7 systems for all forms of CNC machines.

Our Mission
At Edusoft we aim to provide 'user friendly' systems that offer direct and simple solutions to, what can be, complex problems. We are able to provide total hardware and software systems or software solutions tailored to specific requirements

Precision CAD/CAM

PRECISION CAD/CAM offers solutions ranging from 2½D Milling through to 3D surface Milling, Turning and for all forms of Wire-EDM with special features developed in liaison with Charmilles UK, for Charmilles Robofil and Roboform machines - including Command Program Managers and simulation (With Multi-Command Program Manager), Taper Plane geometry generation and wire animation, 4-axis, Involute gear, Form Tool and Die-sink modules.

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     High function CAD/CAM systems for Windows 95/8/Me & NT 4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7 at a sensible price.

     2½D and 3D Milling, Turning, Wire EDM - 2 and 4 axis etc.

     Integrated CAD system for geometry creation and checking, DXF & IGES Import

     CAM features for complete machining sequence definitions and simulation

     Post-processing to any required data format.

     NC Editor with DNC Communications.

NC Editor

Editor and Communications

     View/Edit NC Data – Multiple File Editing

     Handles any file size

     Compare files

     DNC - communications

     Re-sequence Block Numbers

     Math functions

     Merge Data

     Cut and Paste

     Translate NC data into drawing geometry

     Save to Network Path

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2 Axis and 4 Axis EDM


     Remote machine monitoring and controlof both Robofil and Roboform machines

     Multi-machine configuration

     File manager with file transfer

     Monitoring system with Fatal error detection & SMS messaging

     Task scheduler - Machining or elapsed times

     Efficiency graphs with spread sheet data export

CAM for Wire EDM

     Post-processors are available for all Wire EDM machines for 2 and 4 axis

     Charmilles, Agie, Fanuc etc.

     With Extended features for Charmilles Robofil and Roboform systems, developed with Charmilles UK:

     Charmilles Robofil

     Command program Manager and Multi-block layout manager

     Taper and Offset mode control

     Triangular attachment mode

     Taper plane geometry generation

     With path animation and solid View

     Charmilles Robofil–F Range Post processor and Main program manager

     Charmilles Robofil–Me Post processor and Main program manager

     Charmilles Roboform - Contouring post-processor and Command program manager

     Wire Path Animation - for Command Program and Main Program managers

     Wire Path Animation – for individual apertures - Optionally showing taper plane

     Control over 4 axis linkage – 4 methods

     Involute Gear Module
External/ Internal

     Standard diameters

     Tooth thickness specification/Circular space width, coefficient, On PCD or BCD

     K-Teeth measurement Across/Between pins, Blends and/or Chamfers at both tip and root measurements

     Gear Cutter profile generation module

     Form Tool Module

     Multi-Axis rotation - Form Tools module

     Solid Views - Rotate, Spin, Zoom In or Out


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2½D and 3D Surface Milling and Routing

     Post-processors are available for all CNC machines e.g. Reichenbacher, Bosch, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Hurco, Anilam etc, etc.

     Complete machining definition – Tool definition – Cycle Calls etc

     Automatic Area Clearance

     Engraving functions

     Tool path animation in both 2D, 2½D - Wire frame, and 3D

     Post-Processors may be customized

     Create Surfaces

     Export NURBS surface data (IGES)

     Import NURBS surface data and Machine

     3D geometry module imports DXF, IGES, DWG, STL files

     Solid Views - Rotate, Spin, Zoom in or out

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Simulation & Turning

Post-processors are available for all CNC machines e.g. Fanuc, Siemens etc.
Complete machining definition – Tool definition – Cycle Calls etc

     Tool Library

     Automatic Roughing

     Threading animation

     Grooving animation

     Tool path animation

     Solid Views - Rotate, Spin, Zoom in or out

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Complete CAD system to Create, Modify and Check component geometry

      Line/Arc/Ellipse/NURBS Spline entities

      Involute Gear geometry



      Area properties - Center of area etc.

      Text - Use any True Type Font - convert to Outline geometry

      Group Mirror, Copy etc


      Symbols - create your own library of often used shapes/geometry

      Print/Plot drawings

      Import DXF and IGES data - Points, Lines, Arcs, Ellipses, (NURBS) Splines

      Translate NC code into drawing geometry

      Export Data

      Macro language features

      File Preview

      Scanned Image conversion Module

      Simply Scan the design

      Convert Scanned image

      Use imported geometry

      On-Screen digitising

      Powerful yet simple to use

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Sales Info

For further information please contact us:
Telephone: +44 (0) 1782 511800
Postal address: Edusoft Computer Systems, 1 High View,
Mow Cop, Stoke-on-Trent, UK ST7 4YE
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